21 July, 2016

‘Usain Bolt: The Boy Who Learned To Fly’ Animated Short by Gatorade

I came across this short, ‘The Boy Who Learned to Fly’ on Usain Bolt’s Instagram, where he has been posting short clips from the animated short film made by Gatorade. I found the whole thing on YouTube and I was amazed to find how good it was. Watch it below:



The film is a “3D film that emulates the look of 2D,” which is a very unique way to animate Bolt’s story. It really is incredibly well done. As somebody who loves track and appreciates how professional athletes came to be where they are now, the short really speaks to me. If you liked it or are interested in learning more about it, here is a behind the scenes look at the animated short about Bolt.



Post by Katrina Faust

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