13 December, 2017

Studio Production for Bicycling Documentary

Fully loaded bicycle touring is the subject of "Lost Not Lost", a documentary film from first-time director Robert Blanda. The film shows the fellowship and adventures encountered while traveling and camping great distances by bicycle. The film is currently in post-production, expected to release in early June of 2018 and has already been picked up by Amazon for streaming on Amazon Video.


"Lost Not Lost"  has a cast of diverse and unique people that are brought together by their common interest in bicycle touring. The group of bikers have colorful personalities that bring light to the culture of the hobby and lifestyle that is found both on and off the road in what promises to be an intriguing documentary.


Riverview Studios produced a roundtable discussion, hosting the cast of bicyclists from the film. The discussion will be shown as a scene in the film. The set design involved creating an outdoors feel, incorporating real leaves and tree branches to authenticate the scene in context to the subject of the film. Loaded bicycles and camping gear were also spread throughout the set. The content of any project should always come before personal taste in effectively creating a setting to convey a message.