02 August, 2016

Riverview’s International Scope

Riverview Studios is working on some exciting international projects.


Last November, Jim Parker and Anna Killian of Riverview traveled to Kerala, India to shoot a documentary. They worked with the Breast Cancer Resource Center, affiliated with the Princeton YWCA. The group had traveled there to learn and share experiences with breast cancer survivors and patients in India. Their hope was to spread a message about breast cancer and the cultural taboos that surround it. Cancer is something many people do not talk about. In India, when women are diagnosed, the cancer tends to be too far along. The YWCA shared ideas and stories to let people know it is a disease that needs to be treated. There is no need for it to be taboo. They hoped to plant the seeds of change.


They met with a lot of medical students and nurses to spread this message and attempt to shift the opinions of the medical community there, showing them that there is great value to talking openly about the disease.


The documentary will be a story of shared values and the need to raise awareness. Anna is currently editing the footage in Poland through her company, Empathetic Productions, which according to her,

is a video production company, which I had started in June 2016. The business is located in the north part of Poland - Gdansk - and we are able to collaborate with the entirety of Europe and the United States. If you want to do something cool in Europe, Empathetic Production is the company you should go to.”


The documentary will premiere in Princeton on October 7 at the ‘in the PINK’ fashion show.


This past January, Jim and Anna traveled to Sarajevo and Tirana, Albania for a different project. They shot a story about the Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom, a group of Muslim and Jewish women who establish relationships in order to build bridges to peace. The Sisterhood has chapters all over the country. In Sarajevo, they met with the mothers of Srebenica, who survived the genocide there 25 years ago. In Albania, they met families who had risked their own lives to protect Jewish families during the Holocaust. In Tirana, they met with the president of Albania and his wife, who is a member of Parliament. They shot footage and interviews in the hopes of spreading the message of the Sisterhood. Anna said,

Working in Sarajevo was very challenging. We were moving very fast, the program was packed, so we had to quickly switch from slow paced documentary style to run and gun style. It was a true adventure and privilege to experience so many cultures during one trip.'


Their story is a particularly timely one due to the challenges the refugees of war in Syria are experiencing. Their hope is to show understanding, acceptance, and respect of other cultures and beliefs. This is a message that the whole world could use.


Riverview hopes to work on projects that spread these kinds of messages globally. Jim said,

These two stories are international in scale and incredibly relevant to today's issues. My goal is to see us doing more of this type of story, which has a further reaching impact.'


When talking about the future of Riverview, Jim said,

Riverview has evolved with the times, anticipating our markets and preparing ourselves to deliver the kind of services our clients were looking for. We established ourselves as having an expertise in producing live-switched events. Then, we moved more into the broadcast arena. Today, we are focusing on generating original programs of greater social significance and which can have a greater impact on the world.'


And in conclusion of these two international projects in particular, he said,

I’ve been telling peoples’ businesses stories for my entire life, but this is an opportunity to try to share a story that has a deeper meaning, that can have a greater impact, you know, they say try and leave a place better than you found it, and by sharing these stories, hopefully people that see them will be a little better off and learn something. It’s an opportunity to do something meaningful, to do something of value.'


Riverview sounds like it is full of hope and ready to make the world a better place.


Post by Katrina Faust

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