15 July, 2016

Do You Want a Video Montage of Your Vacation?

So I've been doing this thing lately where I edit a montage video of a trip I went on. I've shown them to some people and shared them on social media and they seem to be a hit. If you read my post about my trip to Dakar, Senegal, you might have seen the video from that trip that I made. However, I have some other videos too. Watch them below. Maybe I should make a business out of it. PSA: If you want a video montage of your latest trip, you should film everything you can and I'll edit the footage into an awesome video like these. I recommend a GoPro. Enjoy!


Video from trip to Dakar, Senegal in 2016


Video from trip to Prague, Czech Republic in 2015


Video A from trip to Eugene, Oregon


Video B from trip to Eugene, Oregon


Seriously, pay me to edit a video for you (katrina.marion@gmail.com).


Post by Katrina Faust

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