23 June, 2015

Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom

Enriching Women's Souls and Shattering Stereotypes

Hate is not just an emotion but also a state of mind.  It is easily found in everyday life in all cultures throughout the world. Those who challenge the mindset of hate influence the progress of the human race and the Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom is doing just that.


We are creating an awareness video to promote the MESSAGE OF PEACE AND SHARED VALUES of two cultural worlds who have more in common than the rest of the world might think.


For almost two millennia, the creeds have been in conflict with one another. It is a conflict so old that it has been practically woven into the fabric of Judaism and Islam. Today, however, there are women making strides to end religious ignorance by observing and attempting to understand one another. The Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom forms rich relationships between Muslim and Jewish women. They eat, pray, and share experiences with one another. The Sisterhood is dedicated to spreading awareness of the anti-Muslim and anti-Jewish sentiment, and putting an end to the stereotypes that halt the growth of racial and religious tolerance. They encourage the integration of prayer practices and communication of beliefs. Members of the Sisterhood have spoken of the similarities they have found between the two faiths, both of which stem from the Abrahamic tradition. The Sisterhood was founded in 2010 and continues to grow, now with thirteen chapters in nine states spread throughout the United States.


More often than not, hate is fueled by love. If knowledge is power, then it can only mean that peace can be attained through knowledge of what it is that we truly hate. Only once our hate is understood can we learn to love. That is what The Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom has to offer: peace and mutual understanding.   



Post by Douglas Gorti

writing from Riverview Studios

award winning digital video production facility

located in Bordentown, New Jersey