17 June, 2016

Mid Jersey Chamber Breakfast

The Mid Jersey Chamber of Commerce hosted a breakfast networking event at Riverview Studios. Already existing members of the chamber met with new and potential members for coffee, fruit and pastries. Everyone was given the opportunity to present an “elevator pitch” for their respective businesses. Guests were invited into the Studio B for a green screen activity where they would be given a prop and/or scene to act out without any reference to the setting. It allowed anyone in attendance to get imaginative and interact with the technology that Riverview Studios has to offer. The only thing participants were told is what their scenario was and could see nothing but the green screen and floor around them. Whether it was a beach ball, umbrella or cowboy hat, there was plenty of room for improvisation and it was impressive to see how creative everyone got with the direction they were given.A raffle was held at the end of breakfast in which the winner would win a complimentary 30 second commercial spot for their business at Riverview Studios. The winner was Philip Ridder of Ridder’s Custom Woodwork who will be utilizing the green screen studio for his spot.


Mid Jersey Chamber Green Screen Fun from Riverview Studios on Vimeo.