12 December, 2015

Catch Up on ABC’s Galavant Before The Premiere of Season Two

If you have not watched ABC’s Galavant by now, I would highly recommend it. While I do not think everybody would enjoy it as much as I did, I would give it a chance. The musical numbers themselves are enough to make you laugh out loud.



The previews for the first season did not make it look appealing, but the show itself turned out to be hilarious and full of unexpected parody.


The writers are the same as those for the animated Disney film Tangled. Dan Fogelman is the creator of the show and he employed composer Alan Menken and lyricist Glenn Slater. And Galavant does seem to resemble a slightly more inappropriate Disney film. Medieval comedies and parodies seem to be a genre of their own, from “Monty Python” to “A Knight’s Tale” to “Shrek.” Galavant may not have seemed like the kind of show to garner a large audience, but against all expectation, it succeeded enough to get a second season.


Vinnie Mancuso of observer.com says:

Galavant’s unwavering ridiculousness and gentle fourth wall breaking ensures you that it is in on its own joke. It is very, very hard to mock something that is better than you at mocking itself.”


This parody is partially what makes it so enjoyable to watch. The other factors are the music, the guest stars, and the hilarious one-liners. Don't forget the valuable life lessons.



The first season included cameos by John Stamos as the knight Sir Jean Hamm, Hugh Bonneville as a landlocked pirate, Ricky Gervais as Xanax the ‘wizard’, and Weird Al Yankovic as a doo-wop monk.




The first season consists of only eight episodes and can easily be tackled in a few days time. Just in time for the premiere of season two on January 3.


Post by Katrina Faust

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