07 July, 2016

CAM Tank: Perfect for Low and Dutch Shots, With Pan and Tilt Ability

The CAM Tank from Matthews Studio Equipment is exactly what you need for your low angles. It is designed to accept all large format camera plates or direct mount to any large or medium format camera equipped with 3/8"-16 mounting holes. The CAM Tank was designed for extremely low shots, without taking away your ability to pan and tilt the camera. It is also used to achieve dutch angles when mounted to a fluid head, or shots designed to be pointed straight down off of a fluid head on a tripod or jib (information provided by their website).



It seems incredibly smooth and easy to use. And it seems like it could come in real handy! It's definitely something to consider getting. Low angles are often forgotten and they can make all the difference in your project. Use the CAM Tank to get a new, lower perspective in your film.


Pan Range: 360 Degrees
Tilt Range: 30 degrees in each direction
Weight Capacity: 180lbs (82kg)
Minimum Camera Height: 4" (101mm)
Length and Width: 10"x7" (264mmx177mm)
Total Weight in Case: 15lbs (7kg) CAM Tank only is 10lbs (4.5kg)


The CAM Tank System Includes:
[2] camera/fluid head tie down knows &
a hard plastic case with adjustable carrying strap





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Post by Katrina Faust

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