18 May, 2015

A Clinic from Heaven

Our new video was a huge succes and a valuable fundraising tool for the Medina Clinic. 

Medina Community Clinic is a collaboration of medical professionals who believe that everyone should be afforded the opportunity to receive quality health care regardless of their income. Free health care: what's the catch? "There is no catch," says Dr. Sadaf H. Hussain, "I mean I can't think of one. Doctors are doing what they've always wanted to do which is caring for people without having to worry about strings that are attached to the health care system." Riverview Studios got involved with this project in order to help promote the concept of free medical care to the medical community and the community at large. "Our goal was to help build awareness of this valuable service within the community and to put a face on the services being offered, to help people to understand the process. The challenge was to tell the story in a compelling manner without showing real patients." Director Jim Parker interviewed a number of the volunteer doctors and re-created patient scenarios based on the stories of actual cases. The product was a powerful program which is already generating tangible results.


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Medina Community Clinic from Riverview Studios on Vimeo.


Jim Parker: "Using a documentary style is my favorite technique to develop a story. I sit down and interview a candidate to learn about the story, then I have to extract that story in the interviewee's own words". Narration is written only if required. For this project we wanted to negate the stereotype of people who don't have a job and don't want to work, so our story revolved around a working man who has no insurance.


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